Friday, July 20, 2012

Coming soon to an ereader near you

Look for All In by L.C. Giroux in August! All In will be available on all ebook reading platforms.

Here's a sneak peek:

He slung his duffle over his shoulder and bumped into a woman. Bad hair, mouth watering figure, and the deepest, darkest brown eyes he had ever seen. He started to smile and then he felt the tug. Thank God, he had reflexes like a cat. He snatched her wrist and held up her hand with his wallet in it.

"Aw, sweetheart, didn't anybody ever tell you to kiss a man before reaching into his pants."

More about All In:

All In, Book Five ends up back at the ranch but it starts out in VEGAS, baby! Current Jackson is always in control except when he's not. Gianna Berri is more of a seat of her pants kind of girl, even if they are his pants. This story is a wild ride!


  1. Awesome line in that sneak peek, LC!! Congratulations and best wishes.